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Karma, and wasting time…

View of Manhattan from apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Looking after/using my parents' apt has been lovely.

I had originally said that I was going to blog once a week on Sundays. That’s just not going to happen – at least not right now it’s not. Until work starts and I have to deal with actual problems, this site is going to get real random. Hopefully people will stumble on it while surfing the web at their cubicles. If there is one thing I have learned over the last three weeks, it’s that I will read or watch just about anything online to waste time…it seems to be human nature.

So… I couldn’t even  pull myself away from the couch on Sunday night to post anything, and the truth is that there was really nothing important or significant to talk about. I haven’t yet started the new school year, been randomly screamed at by a class of uptight 13 year-old girls, or had any real stress to deal with that friends would think was funny. In short, I decided to write a paragraph about one of my small missions for this week and then post a few things that have been keeping me incredibly unproductive and distracted (from doing graduate school assignments/ thinking about planning for the upcoming school year). Word.

First off, I can see how many people view the blog each day. It’s really creepy and kind of cool.  It’d be sweet to see people actually reading the nonsense that I’m about to write. That being said, listen to this: I feel like I have to make amends for something I did (or didn’t do, a few days ago.

The Culprit

A couple days ago I was walking Athena (my old timer dog who lives with my parents) to the kennel.  I only had to walk her five blocks away when she goes major number 2 on the sidewalk. I have no bag on me, and I promise to go back and pick it up later, but of course I forget. So with not much on my plate this week, I need to do something to reverse my bad karma. Seeing as though it has rained for three straight days, I cannot undo what I’ve done and I can’t pay it backwards and clean up after someone else now. I’ll think of something…

Alright, mission told, now here is the best of the drunk history series clips in my opinion. The story is priceless.

Also check out this for great distracting doppelgängers. I figure that everyone knows about this already. It’s good for maybe five minutes of distraction.

Totally Looks Like


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Goal: Blog Once a Week

So, its 8:00 on a summer Thursday night.  I’m sitting alone in my parents’ apartment in Williamsburg. It’s awesome here. Summer is still alive for me and I’m trying to make the most of it.

While in Israel I decided to write a blog once a week, every Sunday night. I won’t officially start until Sunday, and the posts won’t get funny or interesting until the school year starts up again in mid September. Maybe this Sunday I’ll just do a top three things that happened this weekend. I could also throw in a story or two from last year when I was sexually harassed by 8th grade girls. Anyways, hopefully this blog can help me in my teaching and life, and be a funny way for friends who I haven’t spoken to in a while to see what I’ve been up to.

Finally, I’ll probably wind up posting ridiculous pictures of funny animals and other non-meaningful things as well – because this is my blog and I need a staple.


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