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Our Nation’s Capital & Teacher Spring Break 2011! Woot-Woot!!

Since I’ve last posted, two major events have happened related to school. Washington D.C., and Spring Break.

Two weeks ago I accompanied our wonderful 8th grade class on a three-day, two-night trip to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

I have solid self-image.

I served as the designated driver of the “Safety Car”, whose job was to trail the coach bus down for the five or six hour ride. For those of you who can picture me, arms-crossed, leaning back against my fourteen-year old black bumper car, I know the first word that comes into your head is ‘safety’. That being said, if anything crazy went down on the trip (excessive bus-related vomiting, uncontrollable yelling, or worse), I guess the plan was for me to scoop them up and wheel them toward the nearest area of refuge.

This wasn’t a big deal, as I had a teacher friend share in ipod sing-a-longs there and back (and no, there wasn’t as much Boy Band played as you would think). I also luckily retained a few of my remaining brain cells by avoiding the windowing-shattering screams of a bunch of  whiny teens.

The whole crew in front of some mansion.

I should have posted a blog right when we returned from our voyage, but quite frankly, I was just happy to be alive. Us teachers had to come and teach on Thursday and Friday of that week, while most of the kids who went decided to extend their holiday and stay home.

I did not take this picture. But there were cherry blossoms.

Overall, the the trip was great. Our touring schedule moved at a ferocious speed, jamming in almost every monument, museum, and food court DC has to offer into a few days. The students were fairly well behaved and no one was lost, injured, or arrested. One of the only frustrations was semi-expected: the hour of ‘pillow-fight playtime’ we gave them before we taped them into their rooms at the end of the night at our hotel. After a few angered noise complaints and some teacher-student back-and-forths, we wound up surviving the nights.

By the end, everyone was exhausted but seemed to enjoy the trip. Personally, I thought it was fun to be a part of having our Brooklyn city kids soak in some experience and knowledge through travel. Many of these same student went to Philadelphia last year, but for some of them, crossing over the bridge to Manhattan is like visiting Mars. So much of learning in Middle School and High School (and all school) happens outside of classroom, and I think more needs to be done to fund opportunities like this one.

Finally, it’s SPRING BREAK 2011!!!!

A bunch of teachers at the beach.

Many other friends/family members who aren’t teachers might say, “Look at those lucky-duck teachers…with their stupid breaks!”, or even, “Those damn smelly teachers, using our tax money for fancy trips to San Francisco!”

To that I would respond that every last teacher at our school deserves the break.

I’m currently on the west coast and trying to get my brain focused for a switch back to full-throttle for the rest of the week at school. I’ll have another post up before May (later this week). I’m sure coming back for three days with the pressure of state tests next week, as well as summer finally creeping into sight, will lead to an eventful atmosphere at school.


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