About Mr. Jeromy

Welcome friends, family, and other blog readers (hopefully famous people)!

My name is Jeremy but I think that Jeromy is a funnier spelling for some reason so let’s go with that. The title of Mr. refers to my ongoing transformation into the real world of adulthood.

No real names or pictures, so as not to endanger feelings or careers. This is the only accurate picture of me you will see on this blog.

I teach Literacy  and Math to students with disabilities and general education students. My school is an all-girls middle and high school in the greatest city in the world, NYC. If anyone knew me in 7th grade, this has to be proof that karma exists.

My first year teaching, I came in bright-eyed and bushy tailed. After I turned from bunny to human, I began co-teaching english, social studies, and math. It was challenging, exhausting, and hilarious.

My second  year was rougher. I taught English and Math to 8th and 9th grade students with special needs as a support teacher, and in small seminar classes. I also taught two classes for 7th Graders. It was much more challenging than year one, but I learned a great deal about myself.

I’ve just completed my third year of teaching (this time only 8th grade). Overall, I really enjoy and take pleasure in my job.

If you are new to this blog, I’ve been told that I have some pretty funny stories as one of the only male teachers in a school full of adolescent women. I feel an obligation to share these stories, and I really do feel better as a teacher when I write my thoughts down and reflect on the fast paced and chaotic atmosphere of teaching.

Finally, thanks for all of the page-hits and support – I appreciate it and become really glad when someone I haven’t spoken to in a while lets me know that they enjoyed a post. I’m also working on my writing so feel free to forward and comment away. Hope you enjoy.



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