Education Linkage

Some Eyebrow-Raising Articles

Guess what fails to attract national coverage? The staggering statistic that over 1/3 of students in the entire United States fail to graduate High School. “Ohhhhh, most of them are minorities or incredibly poor, nevermind then”. It’s disgraceful.

Education Week 2010 National Graduation Rates

Big cities, including America’s largest school district of over one million students, are even lower.

NYC School Statistics

Here is an article if you are interested in the salaries of teachers in the US compared to other nations. (Increase prestige and quality in this profession are paramount).

Great Study on Teacher Pay in the USA vs. Korea, Finland, Singapore

This is a NY Times articles about race, suspensions, and patterns of poor school policy/ poor student behavior in schools.

Suspensions and Race Article

Technology impacting student achievement?

New York Times – Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value


New York Times: An Ode to Teachers

An Ode to Teachers

Some great projects I support:


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